Targeted individuals are citizens who are subjected to electronic harassment, psychotronic torture, or electromagnetic torture from government agencies. Our mission is to expose and show evidence of these government based programs. We are committed to finding documents that show proof of such technologies and for the voice of these tortured citizens to be heard.

The creator of this page and the Targeted Individuals Data & Documents Facebook page is remaining anonymous to further explore and expose these government programs and Directed Energy Weapon technologies. I’m a technologist (Programmer and Electrical Engineer) who began to research the Deep-Web for website security purposes. One day later, I began to hear neighbors yelling and trying to incite violence in an adjacent apartment. I decided to call the police, since I was losing sleep over hearing loud neighbors all the time. The police were very concerned about the threats I was hearing. After  experiencing so much turmoil ranging from insomnia to feet twitching, and no police officers believing me, I then decided to move to another apartment. The neighbor voices came back with a new “vocoder” based v2k voice filter, which I was unaware existed at the time.  Within a couple of months of  experiencing the constant noise of neighbors yelling threats again, I contacted the police in the new city I resided in. Every police officer on the scene could hear or determine if nearby neighbors were making any noise, especially neighbors yelling. After so many reports to property managers and police, I left my place to test other areas of Targeting. Before leaving town for a hotel stay, I began to hear a single voice claiming to be a Federal agency. 

I then began to experience “direct Voice-to-Skull”, which was single voice pretending to be a government agency and commanding me to drive to certain areas. Within hours I realized something was occurring beyond my understanding. I resisted driving around in confusing circles, which even entailed commands to drive in areas that I was not familiar with. I was told to turn 2 rights after passing through two intersections off of street names I was completely unfamiliar with. I knew then looking back over the past day that something was monitoring me via GPS (or unknown related technologies) and was ordering me to turn down road names that I did not know of within an unfamiliar city. The voice to skull has now progressed to the level of an overwhelming amount of sensory overload everyday and being stricken by painful directed energy weapon strikes all over my body. I’ve been repeatedly threatened via voice-to-skull to stop talking about this program.

I remembered what I had read online for many years that “sensory overload” is a torture technique the CIA has used for half a century. I want to expose these techniques and technologies to protect those world-wide from torture and war crimes, which are also illegal according to many national Constitutions and Universal Treaties. This program appears to be an illegal military-based entrapment program that I’m willing to die for, as long as I help expose this genocide program to the general population of the world. You would not want to know and/or most likely could not endure the amount psychological and physical abuse I’m dealing with everyday. I will not stop until I expose the most evil and tyrannical program that has ever existed, which directly utilizes the powerful strength of Directed Energy Weapon and Microwave Hearing technologies.