Chameleon v2k/AQUAINT

An early onset sign of targeting is the hearing of 3D voices inside your home or other places. Later on the voice shifts from multiple voices of neighbors to a single voice that begins to command you or annoy you. These voices are known by the targeting community as voice-to-skull or V2k, since they only can be heard by the sole targeted individual and appear to some that the voice is transmitted to the skull via Microwave Hearing Weapons. In actuality, it appears that the voice is directed into ear canal using laser transduction of a microwave sound, therefore on being transmitted into the targeted individuals ears only. The only known organization known to built or use Microwave Hearing Weapons is the United States Air Force, which is based upon the document “A Method for Encoding & Transmitting Speech by Means of the Radio Frequency Hearing Phenomena, DISCLOSURE AND RECORD OF INVENTION ; United States Air Force” that describes the testing of such weapons. This manual can be found in the documents section of the website. Within the document are the purposes for such a weapon in the list below.

The uses of the invention by the Government are:

(a) A useful Psychological Warfare communications tool.

(b) A distraction of delaying tactic for Active Denial Technology applications.

(c) A “no-wires or receiving apparatus required” communications method for high acoustic noise environments, such as: aircraft, space missions, and hostage situations.

(d) A means of providing or improving communications for people who are otherwise hearing
disadvantaged deaf. This use has a potential for technology transfer.

While the latter two reasons are quite novel and interesting, the former two reasons are a strong cause for concern, since these weapons are mostly intended for Psychological Warfare combined with possibly the most well known directed energy weapon known as an Active Denial System. The need for the combining of these two weapons is clearly to physically render an enemy or civilian as unable to move and even make them psychologically break down via voice to skull. As one could imagine, a microwave hearing weapon is an incredibly terrifying weapons since a voice is transmitted only at one targeted individual. The targeted individual will most likely ask others for help, but because of how many people in the world are unaware of microwave hearing weapons, usually they will be disregarded as psychotic or mentally ill. This only adds psychological bereavement to the targeted individual who will then feel hopeless and isolated since nobody can come to their aid or even remove the mysterious voices or sounds.

A unique characteristic of these voices or sounds to a targeted individual with experience in musical production or sound engineering is that they sound completely synthetic and are most likely produced by a device known as a vocoder. A vocoder is an electronic instrument that a microphone is routed through to produce artificial voice sounds such as an alien voice, a deep voice, high pitched voice, and a relatively natural sounding voice. The most well known vocoders in the music industry is the talk-box, which makes it so a guitarist can “speak through their guitar sound”, and the auto-tuner that corrects a singer’s voice to the exact pitch it should be sounding like. The vocoder was invented in 1938 by Homer Dudley at Bell Labs as a means of synthesizing human speech.[1] This work was developed into the channel vocoder which was used as a voice codec for telecommunications for coding speech to conserve bandwidth in transmission. Again, these concepts aren’t very well known to the average person, who may regard them as not real when asked about them. This makes it very difficult for a targeted individual to explain to an average person what they are exactly hearing, especially if they’re unfamiliar with speech synthesis or voice transformation.

Our organization formally calls the culmination of microwave hearing weapons and a vocoder Chameleon v2k, since the chameleon lizard changes the colors of its body frequently, as a form of camouflage to prevent it from being killed by predators. While the later stages of targeting involve a single voice-to-skull person speaking, it’s clear that the perp (most likely a US PsyOps soldier) speaking to a targeted individual is changing the sound of their voice usually multiple times per day. The purpose is to breakdown a targeted individual and make them feel confused, annoyed, and helpless.

A vocoder does not require a microphone or human voice, and can also be routed through a text-to-speech system, thus to make it appear that an actual person is speaking. The technological sophistication of this system appears to be based upon an Artificial Intelligence learning system, fMRI mind reading technology, and word-pooling within the AI learning system. This allows the system to not only run autonomously without much or any human input, but it can also actually target a persons’ thoughts’, preferences’, and personality. If the AI learning system has been passively monitoring a person’s thoughts or brain for years, it could hypothetically create a mirror of that person’s brain, which is known as an artificial neural network. The AI targeting via microwave hearing weapons then could speak to the targeted individual as if they “know them” and it would “know” personal details such as relatives/friends names, hobbies, personality traits, dislikes, annoyances, etc. and use that information to target the individual in a more personal manner. This is another characteristic of the voice-to skull warfare system that only makes it more difficult for a targeted individual to understand or explain what is happening to them. The system is formally know as The Hive by our organization.

A well known and well documented artificial neural network system that can be found throughout the website is a government built program for US agencies and the military that is known as AQUAINT. AQUAINT was described by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as “a program that could actually get into your thought process.”, which is exactly like the fMRI mind reading technology that is suspected to be used on targeted individuals. The AQUAINT program manual can be found in the as well as a pseudocode example of a targeting program written using the AQUAINT manual’s code examples. These examples in the manual appear to be surveilling and watching a person, though the method or technology involved in the “subject’s” surveillance is never mentioned. This “subject” movements and actions are described in precise detail, which nearly every targeted individual experiences everyday. This technology follows all of their movements, reads their mind, sends them vocoder voices, and strikes them with directed energy weapons.