Sonic Attack Evidence*

I scheduled a visit to Miami around October of 2019, so I could visit the doctor who diagnosed the “Cuba sonic attack victims” as being victims of a sonic attack via directed energy weapons.

Initially upon visiting, I took a hearing test which had perfect results, which was later confirmed to be consistent with the Cuba sonic attack victims lack of symptoms of hearing loss or damage to the ears.

I then explained to Dr. Hoffer all of the symptoms I experience over 5+ years and was asked many specific medical questions. He replied that I had symptoms consistent with the victims of the attacks, though I had never visited Cuba or China and had resided in the states at my professional job for at least 5 years, during which I began to experience symptoms of hearing 3D sounds and feeling strange vibration waves on my body. I was then given a vision-neuropathy test, which I still am awaiting to receive the results. While testing I explained to multiple doctors how it later manifested to a single voice via voice to skull and that I had been shocked and tortured via directed energy weapons for talking about targeting through my website and Facebook page. Dr. Hoffer recommended after asking, to visit UPenn and get an MRI done, so they could compare it to the victims, which I am soon to scheduled. I was very unnerved by the results of my visit and the entire trip, since I was being remotely attacked via v2k and DEW the entire time. I did however enjoy Miami, it’s friendly people, and the extremely professional and concerned medical staff I interacted with.

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