One of the best forms of biomarker evidence possibly available to prove that directed energy weapons are being used illegal on civilians are antibodies. Antibodies are any of the various bodies or substances in the blood which act in antagonism to harmful foreign bodies, as toxins or the bacteria producing the toxins. Normal blood serum apparently contains various antibodies, and the introduction of toxins or of foreign cells also stimulates production of their specific antibodies by the immune system. Being that the cells are “under attack” during a directed energy strike, there must be a biological response that attempts to protect cells, tissue, and organs.

Recently this year, I met with a neurologist through an incredibly notable University’s health provider system near my hometown, whom I am a member of. The appointment was a referral from my primary care provider in regards to the shocking pain sensations I’ve been experiencing for 4-5 years. The meeting was excellent, as the neurologist was extremely thorough and before the appointment had researched into my entire health history for answers. After conducting many pain tests she then diagnosed me for small fiber neuropathy, which is a rare neurological disorder characterized by shocking pain sensations throughout the body and numbness sensations. Even though I experienced those sensations constantly through my targeting, there are many more unique symptoms such as the 24/7 voice-to-skull I hear constantly or thermal ray sensation where my body is being heated up externally that are unexplainable. The neurologist after my diagnosed also recommend treatment for the shock sensations, as well as having many blood tests done to see if a lack of vitamins was involved or if any neurological antibodies were in my blood.

A few months later I received a response back from the University of Washington My results for the neuromuscular antibody test I had done show that the IgG vs FGFR3 antibody showed up in my results beyond normal levels. I’m now diagnosed with “Axonal Sensory Neuropathies”, which is a rare neurological disorder that strangely has no real cause or explanation. The only reasonable explanation is that the antibody is the result of being shocked nearly 24/7 with directed energy weapons, thus my nerves are being damaged. My body is reacting to this damage and releasing antibodies to protect it. The FGFR3 antibody might be a biomarker for being struck with directed energy weapons.

Heat shock proteins (HSP) are a family of proteins that are produced by cells in response to exposure to stressful conditions. They were first described in relation to heat shock,[1] but are now known to also be expressed during other stresses including exposure to cold,[2] UV light[3] and during wound healing or tissue remodeling.[4] Many members of this group perform chaperone functions by stabilizing new proteins to ensure correct folding or by helping to refold proteins that were damaged by the cell stress.[5] This increase in expression is transcriptionally regulated. The dramatic upregulation of the heat shock proteins is a key part of the heat shock response and is induced primarily by heat shock factor (HSF).[6] Heat-shock proteins are named according to their molecular weight. For example, Hsp60Hsp70 and Hsp90 (the most widely studied HSPs) refer to families of heat shock proteins on the order of 60, 70 and 90 kilodaltons in size, respectively.[7] The small 8-kilodalton protein ubiquitin, which marks proteins for degradation, also has features of a heat shock protein.[8] A conserved protein binding domain of approximately 80 amino-acid alpha crystallins are known as small heat shock proteins (sHSP).[9] HSPs are found in virtually all living organisms, from bacteria to humans. In response to the release of HSPs, an antibody is formed the corresponds accordingly to the type of HSP that is released, such as an anti-HSP60 antibody, an anti-HSP70 antibody, and an anti-HSP90 antibody.

A study from the Cell Stress Society International demonstrated that workers in a steel mill, who were regularly exposed to extremely high-thermal conditions had considerably high levels of the HSP70 antibody. These workers also live under generally stressful conditions during non-work hours. Our organization’s theory is that testing for HSP antibodies might be one of the best ways using biomarkers to prove that a civilian is being targeted with directed energy weapons 24/7. The amount of thermal heat exposure that a microwave attack victim receives is tremendous Anybody who is a victim of microwave attacks can tell you how horrendously painful the sensation is, especially the thermal ray. Unfortunately, this blood test appears to require a physician’s reference and it’s price information for individual tests is not available. There still is much potential for the testing of such antibodies in order to prove that civilians are being targeted with directed energy weapons by militaries.

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