During my visit at the University of Miami hospital in October 2019, I was told by Dr. Hoffer to contact UPENN about getting an MRI done with the doctors who noticed brain damage from the Cuba sonic attack victims. Unfortunately, those doctors at UPENN were no longer accepting patients, so I instead scheduled an appointment with a neurologist at UPENN. The appointment was not really what I was expecting, since the neurologist was completely skeptical about directed energy and microwave weapons being used on me, but she agreed to order an MRI. Later in July 2020 I finally had the MRI done and received the results. Two radiologists and the neurologist from UPENN said my brain was perfectly normal and had no abnormalities, including ventricular enlargement, which is a biomarker for schizoid related mental disorders such as schizophrenia.

This evidence scientifically and empirically proves that I’m not mentally ill and the neighbor voices I previously heard, as well as the voice-to-skull I continuously hear must be artificially produced by what I suspect are microwave hearing weapons. Not only did my brain ventricles look normal, they actually look more normal than the “healthy brain” group that is used to compare to those with schizoid related mental illnesses.

I highly recommend that those who believe they are a targeted individual get an MRI done and ask their doctor if the any ventricle enlargement has occurred, which if is absent, proves that they are not in fact mentally ill. I was quite surprised that my brain didn’t show any signs of white matter damage that the Cuba sonic attack victims had. My brain has been shocked and assaulted countless times by directed energy weapons. Another interesting thing I noticed from my MRI is that my auditory cortex is perfectly healthy and doesn’t show any signs of damage, which those who experience tinnitus usually have. I have also experienced artificial tinnitus countless times from microwave hearing weapons.