There are several Arduino modules that exists and setups that I’ve devised, which especially in combination with the BITalino, would provide substantial evidence of an individual being targeted or at the least demonstrate unexplained scientific anomalies. A general vibration sensor paired with a ultrasonic transducer, a pressure sensor correctly calibrated to the correct STP (Standard Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure), or a general/specific voltmeter could provide proof of Direct Energy Weapons being used on a human being. Many targeted individuals, including myself, have experienced the phenomena described as “invisible touch” within the targeted individual community. I experience sensations of touching of the skin, painful strikes to the muscles/organs, and remote sexual assault. Though they technically can be describe as “invisible” within the human visual spectrum, they are far from invisible within the realm of basic physics and electrical engineering.

Hypothetically and ideally, the testing and/or evidence could be proven with a “body suit” constructed to test for targeting in a controlled environment (such as an anechoic chamber or faraday cage) or a room with all testing equipment implemented within the walls of the Electromagnetic neutral environment. For all practical purposes, the testing initially would be conducted within an uncontrolled environment and with single sensors vs. a combination of sensors running at the same time, where electromagnetic waves from external devices could have an effect on the test results. Electromagnetic leaking from the devices themselves would also need to be considered for scientifically accurate results.

A vibration module paired with a ultrasonic transducer and Arduino Uno (schematic setup below) could prove that the sensation of “invisible touch”, voice-to-skull being transmitted to the ear, or even painful DEW strikes are physically occurring. The vibration module simply senses physical energy from the transducer, which then converts to electric energy and completes an electrical circuit within the module, and then transmits the level of vibration detected. The sensor tuned to the correct level could prove an external vibration source exists. The sensor might need to be tuned to a level that would not sense simple vibrations caused by skin or muscle movement. It is also possible that the person being tested could try to “not move”.

Assembly and tuning has shown that the sensor seems to not trigger automatically on a flat surface and transmits the expected baseline level 0.0. Upon small vibrations or movement, the vibration sensor will move above the standard expected atmospheric level of 0.0. This vibration module, especially when placed on multiple locations of the human body, such as the ears, torso, arms, and/or legs could substantially prove an external explained stimuli is causing vibrations on or within the human body.

One possible application of the vibration module being constructed for proof of voice to skull is a set of two vibration sensors being integrated into a stereo headphones-like apparatus. If at the right tuning or complete stillness, the movement of the transmitted vibration from the module would demonstrate a movement of the ear or within the cochlea, which physically and biologically would prove the sensation of human hearing occurring. The combination of the “vibration headphones” with the BITalino EEG with electrodes placed above the ears, would substantially prove the human brain is detecting a sound within the cochlea. This would prove that an abnormal “silent soundwave” is creating a sound that is only being heard by the targeted individual being tested.

Many various setups using different vibration modules are being built and tested. The results of the device tests will be posted here, as well as the open source scripts written to make them work with an Arduino device. It is planned to connect multiple of these devices together on the body with a NodeMcu ESP8266 (would provide wifi transmitted results that could be sent to a computer or phone/tablet for easier data recording purposes) to prove targeting using DEW or that an unexplained scientific anomaly is occurring.